ABOUT Mariana

Hi everyone, this is Mariana, I welcome you to be part of one of my powerful adventures. This one is called “Finding Love, Forgiveness and Healing” More than a goal, it is a desire to share the love I have in my heart through music, and bring light to the darkness.


This website is dedicated to everyone, but specially for all of you who have lost the way, all of you who are broken and without a way out.


I was a rape victim myself when I was eight years old, it took me most of my life to forgive and even more to love myself again.

Maybe you have not been raped or sexually molested, but you know of someone. The best you can do is to lead and to be lead into Jesus arms, where He promises to give you unconditional love and eternal peace. That´s where I found freedom.. And most beautifully; This is the reason why I make music, first, to Glorify God and second, to obey His calling by bringing light into the darkness, loving, sharing His truth, showing the way, supporting the broken and loving again.

Each song that I make is inspired by the love of Christ, the sacrifice of His own life so that we can be free in every aspect of our lives.


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Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.

– Modest Mouse

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